1 Jackson Down, I don't know, a lot more to go. . .

So, I know this is a knitting blog, not a look how awesome I am blog, but last night I officially became awesome. So, that's kind of a big deal, and therefore blog-worthy. Why? Because I got to meet Janet Jackson:

I can't believe that Janet Jackson is my new BFF!

How did this happen, you ask? Well, I had won some concert tickets from The Mix one morning, and was apparently entered in to win the backstage Meet and Greet thing. I didn't think I would actually win. It was ridiculous that I won the tickets in the first place. I don't win anything! So, on Monday, I was at work, doing some lab stuff that required me to stay at the lab bench and not walk away. My cell phone rings. The caller ID says 'unknown.' I put it back in my pocket. It rings again. I ignore. Then the third time (and I am finishing up the work I was doing by this time) I start to get nervous. What if it's some kind of emergency? So, I answer. The lady on the phone is like, "Please hold for Eric and Kathy." (those are the morning show hosts) Anywho, I get on the phone with them, they tell me I have won and get to go backstage. I was in utter shock! So crazy!

So, that was my last night. Now, to keep in the theme of this blog, I will now show you some knitting. Here is my Clapotis I have been working on:

The yarn is STR Mediumweight in the Cobalt Bloom colorway. I bought this yarn at Stitches specifically for this project. So far, so good on this. It is practically a mindless project, which is perfect for me.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Mine is looking pretty good. Tonight we are having Knit N Drink with my knitting group. Tomorrow is the Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee. So, lot's of knitting time this weekend.

Happy knitting!

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