The Christmas Knitting Continues. . . .

Well, I have been knitting like crazy here at, well, Knitting Like Crazy. I had the last couple days off of work to deal with angry uterus (which is far less angry now. Hooray!!!) and I had lots of time to sit on the couch and knit.

First off, I finished the sweater dress for Lily. You may recall I finished Jenna's sweater dress sometime ago, and I finally got Lily's done, and just in time for Christmas:
The Sweater Dress Specs:
The Pattern: Baby/Toddler Sweater Dress
The Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease, double stranded in Cream
The Needles: US 9 and US 10
The Time to Knit: About a month. I worked on it on and off.
The Mods: I measured Lily and did the math accordingly. I thought I was going to put a button in the collar to accommodate a large kid head, but I think it is going to be fine the way it is. I went with a sewn bind off this time, and I think it will be stretchy enough to get over her head.
The Result: I love it. I think Lily will love it. I recommend this pattern for someone needing something quick and easy to knit. And, it's easy to adjust the math to fit your larger than baby/toddler sized daughter!

Then, yesterday, I finished my brother's Mega Man hat:
I think a nerdy 23 year old man living at home with his parents will greatly enjoy wearing me to his part-time job that he maintains in order to buy more video games for himself.
I will kick your a$$ with this hat on.

This hat is a little big for my head, but it is not meant for my head, so that's good.

The Specs:
The Pattern: Mega Man Hat by TrinKnitty
The Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy one skein of blue, one skein of turquoise/green
The Needles: Size 7
The Time to Knit: About a month and a half. I lost interest in the project about halfway through and didn't work on it for awhile.
The Results: My brother will die when he gets it. He is going to love it.

There is other Christmas knitting out there (which you can see if you are on Ravelry), but I will not yet reveal it on my blog.

So, I think all the Christmas knitting is done. I may try to crank out a hat for my other brother, as I don't want him to feel left out of the knitted Christmas. I made socks for my sister and the Mega Man hat for my other brother, so it's probably only fair. He once told me to knit him an afghan but he definitely won't be getting one of those. What a silly boy.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I may post again before Christmas, or maybe not. Depends on if I do anymore Christmas knitting I suppose. :)

Happy knitting and Merry Christmas!

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