Maybe it's not angry, it just has a drinking problem

That's right. I am talking about my uterus again. Really, I think it is not angry, but rather it has a drinking problem. See what I mean:

Dum, Dee, Dum. Just a uterus looking for a beverage.

What's this? A tasty martini? Don't mind if I do!

Yumm. So tasty.

ROAR!! Now I am one angry uterus! F$%* OFF!!

I knit up this up in just a couple of hours. And, I have to say, I think everyone needs one.

Here are the specs:

Pattern: Womb from Knitty
Yarn: Patons Merino (it was in the stash)
The Needles: Some dpns. I just grabbed what I could find. They were a size 5, I think
The mods: I added the face to my uterus. To make it angry. I had seen Cilona's Angry Uterus on Ravelry, and that really was my inspiration to knit this.

In addition to the angry uterus, I also finished up some purple socks for my sister (I don't think he reads my blog, so I am safe sharing them with you):
These were very fast-going socks. I just did a plain sock, 60 stitches around on size 2 needles. I knit them in three days (which is fast sock knitting for me!). The yarn was Kaffe Fassett Regia yarn. You can find some here.

I do have some other Christmas knitting to show off, but that will remain a secret for the time being. And, I also have a little bit left to finish, which will be my project for tomorrow. All in all, I have been having a productive week so far.

How is everyone's Christmas knitting going? Nearly done?


  1. I do like those socks. When I look at the Fasset yarn it, just doesn't grab me, but when I see it knit up, I really like the results.

  2. You are the only person I know that would think to knit a uterus. LOVE IT.

  3. A drunk uterus is never fun... A few years ago mine had an addiction to uppers... It would run around all night long keeping my other organs up and we just had enough... We had an intervention, with the help of my GP and it started going to AA... I hope yours goes to the meetings!

  4. My uterus is happy now that it had a "face-lift" aka -- ablasion. The best thing I ever did. BTW your knitted uterus is great!

  5. Like your uterus.. hahah


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