Lorna's Laces: A Tour

So, today me and some of the ladies from the Northwest Suburban Knitting Group went to Lorna's Laces for a tour/shopping excursion. We are very lucky that the company is in Chicago, so it was an easy trip (well, I say easy in that it is close, we actually were fighting the snow and cold and late running trains and closed Corner Bakeries and unplowed roads, but I digress).

We arrived at Lorna's Laces (a little late, but not bad considering the weather) where we were met by owner Beth Casey, her husband, and their dog. We saw a secret colorway (I could tell you what we saw, but I would have to kill you with a knitting needle) and we got a demo on how they dye yarn there (Beth got dye on 40 skeins of yarn in about 10 minutes - I couldn't believe it!) and then we got to shop. The whole thing was wonderful, they were so nice there, and I HIGHLY recommend that people call and take a tour if you are in Chicago. You just need a group of 12 and have to be able to go on a Saturday. It is free!!

Here are some of the pictures:
Hello! I am a crap ton of yarn waiting to be dyed.
Some dye. Ok, a lot of dye.
Rows of drying yarn. I swear we died and went to heaven.
The knitters....they are going crazy for that sock yarn!
A table of worsted yarn waiting for me to pet.

So, there was all this yarn, and I somehow managed to show some restraint. I got four skeins total. First, I got two skeins of Shepherd Worsted in some awesome shades of blue:
And then this sock yarn was calling my name:
All in all, it was a wonderful day. It was amazing to see how they manage to get all that yarn dyed. And, it makes me want to knit more with Lorna's Laces. :)

After the tour, Jenni and I took a quick trip to Loopy Yarns. We have been dying to check them out and we were sort of dying for some Malabrigo sock yarn. I really liked Loopy. The shop is very cute and they had lots of great yarn. Jenni and I managed again to show restraint and we each got a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn. I don't know what mine will become, but I am sure it will be great.

I am tired from all this yarn excitement, but it is worth it. I think it might be the most fun I have ever had doing something yarn-y.

Happy knitting!

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