Sit N' Spin. . . .

Well, I have pulled myself away from my new toy long enough to show it off. On Thursday my spinning wheel arrived:
It's an Ashford Kiwi that I purchased online from Paradise Fibers.I couldn't tear into that box fast enough. After a couple hours and a few curse words later, I had my wheel assembled:
I had been reading a couple books about spinning prior to the wheel arriving, so a short time later I was ready to try to start this whole spinning thing. I had a bit of roving around from when I was messing with the drop spindle, so I used some of that to make my first singles:
After a little bit of that, I was ready to pull out some roving that I bought from Paradise Fibers when I bought the wheel, and I went to town. After a couple days and a few more curse words, I actually had some yarn:

It's kind of thick and thin, but I was expecting that as I am totally new at this. You don't just go and spin fingering weight yarn on the first go. But, it's lovely to me and that's all that matters. I ended up with about 100 yards, which was more than I thought I would make.

And, so, of course, my second Bird in Hand mitten is sitting unknit, while I play with the new toy. I am sure in a few days the novelty of the wheel will wear off and I will be back to knitting on a more regular basis.

Excuse me, must go back to spinning now. :)

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