Bird in Hand

Well, I had this super long post I wrote up last night, and I was about 10 minutes away from being done with it (after working on it for over a half hour) when something crazy happened and my post was gone. It was the perfect storm of using copy and paste shortcuts and the backspace key, I think. Sadly I do not have the time to post everything all in one post, so there will be wee little posts throughout this week to get all caught up on the blogging. I know, I know, this is clearly the saddest story you have ever heard. :)

Anyway, Saturday evening I finished my Bird in Hand mittens:These really were a joy to knit, and they went much much better than the last time I tried to knit a pair. It was the move up in needle size. This time they actually fit an adult!

The Specs:
The Pattern: Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert
The Yarn: Cascade 220, 2 skeins
The Needles: Size 2 (I used my 2 16 inch Addi Turbo Circulars. I think the two circ method is a good choice for fair isle mittens like these)
The Time to Knit: About two weeks
The Verdict: I love these. I am proud of these. I want to wear these right now (although, I won't. It might make the typing thing a little difficult)

That's it for this post. Coming soon: Clapotis, Handspun Hat, Noro Scarves and more spinning!

Happy knitting!

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