The knitting bug just won't quit!

Well, I continue to knit my fingers off. I have not been spinning too much in the last couple of weeks; although I have some loose plans to go back to it this week. Mostly, I have just been happy with the knitting. First, we have some Leyburns, Part II:
Oooh, Panzanite! How pretty!
And, the Leyburn Pattern. How you look so lovely once again!

Since the Leyburn KAL is still going on in Socks That Rock Group on Ravelry, I just couldn't resist starting another pair. And, even though these are pooling in a little more obvious way than the last pair I made, I am still loving them. I really recommend this pattern. It is so easy, and once again, I am loving how my socks look.

In addition to the socks, I have also been feverishly working on my Camellia:
What lace-y goodness!

I have been wanting to knit thise sweater for some time, and I finally got some yarn to do it. That's Cascade 109 in Artic Ice.

And, finally, I finished my Noro Striped Scarf:
I think all of my ones of readers know that I tend to follow the crowd big time when it comes to knitting. This was no exception. I had seen many on Ravelry and on the blogs I read (I mean, seriously, I have been reading Kay's blog for as long as I have been reading blogs and the lady loves the Noro!) but what set me over the edge was seeing Melissa's Noro Scarf (Rav link there) in person. So, I needed one too. It's cool. You can judge me for being a follower. :)

The Specs:
The Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood
The Yarn: 2 skeins each of Noro Silk Garden (I used colors 226 and 228)
The Needles: US Size 7
The Time to Knit: About a week of on and off knitting
The Result: I have decided to gift this scarf. That means I must love it. (And, I have plans to make another one soon)

Well, that's it for now. I think I am finally caught up on the blogging of the knitted things. Later this week hopefully there will be some yarn pics of yarn I have dyed, and perhaps a finished sweater or a finished pair of socks.

Happy Knitting!

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