More spinning

Ok, well, I have been on more of a knitting kit then a spinning kick this last week, but I still have some things to show off to my ones of readers.

First, here is some bulky yarn I spun up with roving I got from Spinning Sisters:
I have about 150 yards there. Likely that yarn will turn into a hat, much like the first skein I spun up:
The Specs:

The Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat
The Yarn: My handspun, bulky weight, about 100 yards
The Needles: US Size 10
The Time to Knit: 2 days
The Verdict: I can't believe I made a hat out of yarn I spun myself. I am very proud of this hat.

Finally, here is the first bobbin of some yarn I have been spinning with some Fat Cat Knits roving:

I am trying very very hard to take my time with these singles, and get a much thinner and more consistent yarn this time. Thus, it is taking me much much longer to spin this up. But, I think I am going to be thrilled with the results!

That's all for this spinning post. Coming up soon: Clapotis, Noro Striped Scarf, and possibly a sweater. :)

Happy knitting.


  1. Nice work! I think that once you're good at spinning you really do need to move to OH and raise your own sheep and goats. You might as well control all aspects of the supply chain! :) Love the hat.

  2. Good job! You should be proud!

  3. So lucky to be able to spin your own yarn. Don't even know if I could get the necessary equipment here in South Africa! By the way, love your blog, and all your knitting projects, they are amazing!

  4. Very pretty spinning. And the hat is adorable!


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