Personal Pattern (not in Ravelry)

In trying to clear up the clutter that is my apartment, I have also been trying to make at least some effort to finish up old UFOs that I have.

So, here it is. My random trapezoid-ish shaped purse:The stuff for this project I got in a knitting related Yankee Swap this past Christmastime. I love the colors of the yarn and the handles are perfect. I want to Yankee Swap all year long!

The Specs:
The Pattern: I made it up. As Ravelry would say: Person Pattern (not in Ravelry)
The Needles: US Size 5
The Yarn: Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann Traditions in the lovely colorway "03." - 2 skeins
The Time to Knit: 3 months. It sat in a corner for about 2 and a half of those though.
The Verdict: Cute. Easy to knit. Will likely hold knitting for trips to Panera and Starbucks and what not.

Hmm, other than that, not much knitting has been going on. I seem to have caught the plague (i.e. weird cold, that I am concerned is turning into a sinus infection). Mostly when I have been home in the last three days I have been sleeping, not knitting. Maybe by the weekend when I am not hopped up on Day Quil I will get the knitting mojo back. :)

Well, that's it for now. Happy knitting! And spinning!

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