A Spin-A-Long

So, I was listening to a Lime & Violet podcast a couple weeks ago, and Violet was discussing the CJKopec Spin A Long that was going on in Ravelry. So, I checked it out, did further research, and about a week later I had this:
It's 4 oz. of some lovely merino loveliness in the Montana Moon colorway. I spun up the first half and then tried to give Navajo plying a try. This is what I got:So far so good. I think for my first try at Navajo plying, it turned out pretty nice. I ended up with about 70 yards. I have the other two ounces to spin, which hopefully I will work on this weekend.

Other than that, no knitting has been taking place really. I caught the ick. There was much sleeping on the couch and very little crafty going on here. But, I may have picked up a sock and started working on it again last night, so soon there could be some more sock pictures around here.

Happy knitting! And spinning!

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