Rick Socks

Ok, I finally finished my Rick socks. I have been working on them for quite awhile (more like they sat in my knitting bag for over a month untouched) and I am happy they are done. I really loved this pattern. And, I loved the yarn. A very good combination.

Hello. My name is Rick.
I am very pretty.
But not as pretty as Rick Astley, of course. :)

Here are some specs:
The Pattern: Rock Socks by Cookie A (from Sock Innovation)
The Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Squooshy Yarn
The Needles: US Size 2 (2.75mm) dpns
The Time to Knit: 2 months (again, sitting in the knitting bag most of that time)
The Notes: There is some errata for this pattern here. When I was knitting the first sock, I thought something was slightly wrong in the pattern, but you know me, I just went ahead and worked it out and assumed it was my faulty math or something. At least I know now I was not crazy or had lost the ability to count. :)

Other than that, I will be giving my stealth knitting to the intended recipient today, so I can blog about that soon. Now to decide what socks to knit next. Hmm....

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