Sock Summit.

Can I just say how excited I am for Sock Summit!? I know there were problems today with registration (like everyone else, there was a moment where I wanted to rip my hair out), but unbelievably I got everything I wanted. It took awhile and several tries (and several panicked voicemails to my friend, Jenni) but I got everything. Jenni got into some things too (she did not get "Sock Summit Scenario A" like I did, but I think she will be happy in the end with the trip).

Everything is coming together very well for the journey to Portland. Jenni and I have the hotel reservation made, the plan tickets purchased, and the classes picked and paid for. A few months ago when this whole Sock Summit thing came up, I didn't really think we would go. I mean, we talked about it, but I didn't really think we would make it a reality. But, I am so glad we are going. A few days in a new place with lots and lots and lots of knitters (and sock knitters at that)? Yes, please!

Anyway, here is the stuff I plan on taking/attending while at the Sock Summit:

  • Thursday Afternoon: Arch Shaped Stockings with Meg Swanson and Amy Detjen
    Thursday Evening: Opening Welcome Dinner Thingy
  • Friday Morning: The Perfect Rib with Cookie A
    Friday Evening: Sock Hop
  • Sunday Morning: Beaded Cables with Sivia Harding
    Sunday Afternoon: Luminary Panel
I think we are going to have a fabulous time.

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