Color Collision

Sometimes a sock pattern comes along and blind-sides you out of nowhere:

Enter the Color Collision Socks!
Garter stitch toe! Fun!
A colorful treat for the feet!

It's the Color Collision socks from the new(-ish) book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. I am using some STR Lightweight (Storytime colorway) that has been marienating in the stash for about a year now.

I started these socks about a week ago and have been faithful to them all week. I am about halfway down the foot on sock number two. If they don't get done tonight, I definitely think they will be finished up during my classy evening at Ravinia with the Grayslake crew tomorrow night. Not much makes me happier than having a picnic, enjoying some good music with some good friends, and some good wine (but not too much if I want to finish the sock, or course) all rolled into one.

Sunday should be ok too. Probably a little knitting, a little working (I have to work Saturday and Sunday. Icky, but Sock Summit is less than two months away and the OT is nice), and maybe some practicing of that golf swing.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Happy knitting!

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