Yarn for Sale!

Just popping in to say hello. Things have been nuts in the Knitting Like Crazy apartment lately. Mainly, Alex and I are under contract for a house! We still have to get through the home inspection and everything, but barring any disasters there, July 23 is the day we will officially be homeowners.

Alex and I have been in this apartment for five years. We are literally bursting at the seams with crap. Both of us have started the great purge. I have been continuing to sell things on Amazon (there is a knitting book there, so check it out!) and I have been putting stuff together for Salvation Army. And, I am putting all my yarn and roving on sale on Etsy.

That's right. It's all on sale!

I have adjusted all the prices (more or less 15% off) and plan to keep in that way until mid-July. Then, I will be closing the shop up for a month while we get everything moved and settled into the new house and everything.

I will now tempt you with a picture of one of the lovelies:C'mon, you know you want some sock yarn. :)

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