My Classes of Sock Summit

Ok, one last post on Sock Summit. Sure, it was a month ago, but I say it's never too late to blog about something so awesome, right?

The first class I took was Arch-Shaped Stockings with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen. It was amazing!I thought the arch-shaped contruction was very interesting. It's meant to make your sock mold to your foot better. Might not be the best choice for sock knitting for my flat feet, but it was fun anyway! I could see myself trying to make some elaborate Fair Isle Arch-Shaped stocking for kicks.

The other class I took was a one-hour wonder class with Cookie A. called the Perfect Rib: There was a lot covered in the hour, and I left wanting to make the ribbing awesome in every pair of socks I knit. My only regret was that I didn't try to get into the 6-hour Cookie A. design class. I think I would have really liked it (well, there is always the next time, right?)

So, that's it. My classes were very good and I am so glad that I made it out to Portland for Sock Summit. Also, I have already been busting into the SS stash pretty hard. There were the two pairs of socks (see last post) and I also used an STR Mill End to knit an Ishbel (more on that later).

Upcoming? Stitches Midwest!! Happy knitting (and shopping to all my knitting buds hanging out in Schaumburg next weekend)!

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