Fun with Socks That Rock

It's no secret that I have a love affair with Socks That Rock. I hoard it (nay, collect it), I knit with it all the time, and would marry it if it were socially acceptable to do such a thing.

No wonder I bought so much of it at Sock Summit. And, no wonder I have been doing little else but knitting with it since I've been home.

First up. It's Ishbel:
I knit it out of 1 skein of STR lighweight. It's a Mill End. I knit the small version of Ishbel and had just a teeny bit left over.

As I said on Ravelry, I would highly recommend Ishbel for first time lace knitters. It's super easy. Easy to find your mistakes and easy to keep track of where you need to go. And, the end result is pretty good too!

Next up. It's Devon:
The socks I started at the tail end of Sock Summit. You can find this pattern in Cookie A.'s Sock Innovation. I knit a plain foot (opposed to the pattern all the way through the sock, as Cookie A. would suggest). I love these socks.

They were knit out of one skein of STR lightweight in the Sunkissed Sand colorway. Lovely lovely.

Lovely socks and I had quite the lovely day. I won a blog contest on Carrie's blog and have quite the package coming my way. Then on the way home from work, I may have been improperly using a lane while driving, but managed to get a very nice cop who said (and I swear this is a direct quote): "I'll let you go if you show me something you knit."

I knew all those knitting bumper stickers were awesome. I showed him my Bears iPod cozy and was on my way.

Let's hope the rest of my week keeps up like this. Happy knitting!


  1. Fabulous, girl! I agree that STR has really nice yarn.

  2. Love the Ishbel. It's amazing when you see how big the shawl seems that it was just one skein!

    I think you should be buying yarn with the dollars that might have been spent on a traffic ticket! I think that is the return karma for being a knitter, with a car with knitting bumper stickers AND having something you knit in the car with you!

  3. I think that is the best way out of a ticket that I've ever heard.

    Your prize package is awesome. Enjoy.

  4. Really must get one of those bumper stickers... Loved the story, hope your week keeps up!

  5. Your Ish is gorgeous! I was thinking of making it my first lace and now, after seeing yours, I'm definitely going to.


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