The Yarn Dyeing Factory

Well, I thought it was about time I showed off a glimpse into my yarn dyeing world. Since moving to this house last month, I have already dyed yarn twice. I am hoping to increase the frequency of yarn dyeing soon, especially when I have such a great place to dye yarn!

Anyway, as you may recall from a previous post, we were left a slightly dated spice rack on the kitchen wall when we moved in. I hate it in the kitchen, but I LOVE it in the dye studio:
Here is a pic from the first yarn dyeing day in the basement:I have changed my dyeing methods a bit since moving to the basement. Before I mostly kettle dyed things in the stove. I had huge pots cooking away for hours at a time. Now, I have been steaming the yarn in the two food steamers that I have acquired from Kohl's. I have two this one (find yourself some online Kohl's coupon codes, and you can get yourself a real cheap yarn steamer!). I also have our old microwave (we now have a built in one) in the basement too. I have not really experimented with dyeing yarn in the microwave (other than the very first time I tried dyeing yarn in the microwave with Kool-Aid). Anyway, the new dyeing methods are going very well and I am loving all the results.

Here is some sock yarn from the afternoon in the basement on Monday:
All three of those skeins are currently up in my Etsy shop. Then there was a custom order for some worsted weight in the Brick House colorway:Finally, I have fallen in love with dyeing superwash Corriedale roving. I have a couple in my Etsy shop. This one I will be listing tomorrow probably:I may have dyed two 4oz rovings in this lovely Chicago Bears colorway. One may be in my yarn/fiber closet for myself. :)

Anyway, just a little picture into the dyeing world of me. Enjoy and happy dyeing!

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