Amazing Prize

So, I mentioned at the end of my last post about winning a contest over at Carrie's blog.

Lo and behold, the best package ever was waiting for me when I arrived home from work today:
You are not dreaming or seeing things. That is three (ACK! THREE!) skeins of sock yarn. Let's take a closer look at those Socks That Rock, shall we?
Both are Mill Ends. One is a lightweight and one is a mediumweight. Both are just lovely and will make something delicious one day. There was also a skein of Spunky Eclectic Super DK. I have not knit with this yarn before, but have heard many many wonderful things about it.

In addition to all that yarn, there were other various goodies, including Carrie's three sock patterns she has for sale. You can check them out on Ravelry here. I knit the Cotty socks in the Q3 KAL in the STR group on Ravelry. That pattern is fantastic. I know these other ones are going to be great too!

Thanks so much Carrie. I heart your blog! :)

Happy knitting.

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