From The Queue Friday

I have decided to try a new thing on the ol' Knitting Like Crazy blog. I am calling it 'From The Queue Friday.' So from now on, on most Fridays, I will be trying to post one or two things from my Ravely queue, what I like about it, what yarn I would use, etc.

So, since it is the first week of this new little blog segment, why not start with the item at the top of the queue?

It's the Sidelines Top:
Picture from the Interweave Knits website.
This pattern is available in the Intereave Knits Fall 2008 issue. You can also purchase it on the Interweave website for $5.50.

I love everything about this sweater. I love the color, the little traveling cable, and I love that is being modeled by a woman who is not teeny teeny. The second I saw this pattern in that magazine it went to the top of queue. I even bought yarn for it and everything!

That is going to make one nice sweater one of these days (maybe after all that Christmas knitting I have planned but have not yet started?)!

So, what's at the top of your Ravelry queue?

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