It's definitely fall.

**Warning, this blog post contains pictures of my humping deer hat. Reader discretion is advised.**

Well, it's been feeling like fall around the Chicagoland area for some time. Really, this summer was not all that summer-y at all.

But, the pile of leaves in the yard tells me that fall really is here. Seriously, it's almost gross how much I enjoy raking. I am kind of glad that we have a house so I get to do these kinds of things.
I also know it's fall because I have started knitting hats for winter. Here is the first one I completed. A Fornicating Deer Hat for Alex.
He had seen a picture of the f*cking deer mittens that turtlegirl76 had made and informed me that he was going to need a hat in the same colors with deer, um, humping and everything.
How could I say no?

The Specs:

The Pattern: Hat pattern is a standard hat pattern I have in my head and the little bits of fair isle on the side I just charted up on some graph paper. The Fornicating Deer chart is available for free on Ravelry here.
The Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease. About a half skein of the gray and probably a third of a skein of the blue. Definitely enough left over to make another hat!
The Needles: Size 5 for the ribbing and Size 7 for the rest of the hat. I actually used a 40in US Size 7 Needle and knit the hat using the Magic Loop method. I think Magic Loop is perfect for fair isle hats!
Time to Knit: Two days.
The Result: Alex can't wait to wear it! I don't really know where he will wear it where it will be appropriate, but I am sure he will figure that out.

Other than that, I have been working on a few other things. I have picked back up my Shawl That Jazz and knit a little here and there on that. I have that beet from many months ago that is also taunting me.

Hopefully I will be blogging more regularly again soon. Both the digital cameras in the house are in the processing of dying. It took me nearly an hour to get just the four pictures for this blog post! I think in the next couple of weeks Alex and I will be shopping for a new camera!

Happy knitting!


  1. Yeah, we have to get raking too over here in MA. LOVE the hat.

  2. That's really funny. What's with men and deer humping though? I've seen in on a few blogs. I bet if I showed my husband he'd want one too. Geez.

  3. Love it! I wish I had enough yarn leftover to make a matching hat for my BiL. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I used different yarn (but I would).

  4. Anonymous4:23:00 PM

    Do you sell your hats...My brother is really wanting the humpin deer hat?? Please email me if you do...Thanks

  5. yes i def need one of these please email me at jose.rivera05@yahoo.com

  6. I too, would love to buy a humping moose hat! My boyfriend saw this on Tosh.O and thought it was great! I would love to be able to get it for him! Please email me at bhendicks@yahoo.com


  7. Anonymous6:37:00 AM

    I want one!! With ear flappers! Are you taking orders?

  8. I love the hat! My boyfriend saw one on tosh also and wants on. Email me at plangenecker@gmail.com if you will sell them.

  9. email me bhunter1881@gmail.com
    i want this beanie

  10. this hat is awsome i want one



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