Wedding Knits

This weekend I spent some time at White Pines State Park to celebrate the wedding of my sister and her new husband, Mike.

It was cold (it even snowed a little a couple hours before the wedding) but we had some knits to keep us warm (of course, we didn't wear them for the outdoor ceremony, but they kept us warm afterwards!).

First, is the 'Wedding Ishbel' I knit for my sister: It took just shy of one skein of KnitPicks Gloss Lace yarn in Bare.
Very pretty little knit. I have become a total Ishbel fanatic. I am about to cast off my third one. More on that later. :)
I don't think I could be more pleased with how that turned out.
Then, I finally got a couple pics of the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style. I knit this back in April specifically to match my bridesmaids dress for the wedding:
I love this little shrug. I highly recommend everyone knit it!
I used a yarn that was new to me for this project. It's Cascade Venezia Worsted. It's 70% merino/30% silk. Yum. Not at all itchy and the stitch definition is just incredible.
You might be seeing it again soon when I finish up that third Ishbel. It may have made an appearance there too.
Other than that, I have been a bit in finishing mode with the knitting. I am in the process of binding off all those stitche on my Damson and I have about two more rows on Ishbel the Third to knit. I have some baby items which I am a bit behind for a friend of a friend, and I have plans to finish that damn beet I started knitting months ago. Hopefully this week I will have lots of time to get all these finished. I have been fighting the urge to start a million new projects until some of the old ones are finished!
Happy knitting.

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