Peapod Baby Sweater

I have been on such a baby knitting kick it's not even funny. I literally cannot stop myself. My niece or nephew to be is going to be one stylish baby in all those handknits!

Here is the Peapod Baby Sweater I finished a couple days ago:
I have to be honest, that sewing in of the sleeve probably could look a little better, but it is the one thing I struggle with the most with in my knitting. Oh well, the baby will wear it a couple times and grow out of it anyway, right? :)It sure is a cute sweater though. And, you can't beat that cotton blend yarn. Soft and machine washable!The Specs:

The Pattern: Peapod Baby Sweater by Kate Gilbert (pattern was at one time available through the Interweave website. At this time, the pattern is not available).
The Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy Sport, 3-ish skeins
The Needle: US Size 4
The Time to Knit: About three weeks
The Mods: None really. Pretty much followed the pattern.

So, yeah, I have been on a huge finishing kick lately. And, I have been working hard at not starting too many things at once. I think I am doing a good job. Other than a couple of chronic unfinished things, I only have one other thing on the needles right now. I can't remember the last time I was knitting so few things at once. It may have never happened before.

Have any good finished things lately?

Happy knitting!


  1. What a cute baby sweater!

  2. that's so cute! I'm sure your little neice/nephew will be very comfy in it

  3. Such a cute sweater. What a lucky baby to have you for an aunt.

  4. That is one of prettiest sweaters I have ever seen.

  5. That is so unique! I love those special details. It's beautiful.

    I hope they run that one again...!

  6. It's adorable. Here's my trick for sleeves: Pick up and knit them down. No sewing. Yes!

    New yarns are just beautiful! You surely have your dyeing mojo back!

  7. That turned out so sweet and adorable!


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