WIP Wednesday: Design Your Own Shawl Shawl

Sorry guys. No review this week. I have been so busy with my Design Your Own Shawl Online Class with Stefanie Japel that I haven't had time to review anything. Next week. I promise. :)

So, since I have been working so hard on this shawl, I thought I would show off some of the progress.

The first step in the class was to come up with a sketch of what you wanted your shawl to look like. Here's mine:The next step was to pick some stitch patterns and knit a swatch. I am not a swatch knitter really, but for this class I see where it is absolutely necessary. So swatch I did:The next step was to knit a triangular swatch. This is where I kind of started doing my own thing. I decided if I was going to knit a triangle, I might as well knit two triangles together and get a shawl out of it. So, that's where I am with it now. Nearly done with my shawl. I have also been working on getting the charts just right, which is seriously hurting my brain.

Pics of all that stuff soon.

Happy knitting!

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