Podcast Review: Stitch It!

I think it may be time for another podcast review. As, I have been listening to podcasts for almost two years now, I think it only makes sense to be starting with the faves, you know. :)

A few weeks ago I reviewed The Knitmore Girls and this week brings me to their buddy, Meghan, who is the voice behind Stitch It! Podcast. Stitch It has been around a little over two years and one that I have been enjoying almost that entire time. In fact, it is one of the few that I have gone back and listened to the earlier podcasts that I have missed. Yes, it's that good.

Meghan typically podcasts once a week. Each week brings many different segments including Townhomesteading, Babble, Fibery Goodness, and a Favorite Thing. Sometimes other sneak in there for fun (like the occassional contest). I really love the usual segments that are in this podcast. Townhomesteading is all about gardening and making things from scratch and finding ways to be self sustaining. I love it! Meghan is THE reason I want to plant a garden this year. In Fibery Goodness you can find out everything about what she is knitting and spinning. And, Meghan is just so knowledgeable about spinning I find myself learning all kinds of stuff about that I never knew before.

Stitch It is one of those podcasts that I listen to and I feel like I am having a conversation on the phone with one of my BFFs. Meghan is just so calm and relaxed and so easy to listen to.

You can find the Stitch It Podcast on iTunes. The shownotes are located at http://stitchitpodcast.com. If you hang around Ravelry, you can find Meghan as itsjustmeghan or head over to the Stitch It Podcast group. I also love following Meghan on Twitter. She's itsjustmeghan there too.

So, have any new fav podcasts? Do you have a knitting/spinning/fibery podcast and want me to take a listen and do a review? Just let me know!

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