Blue Lady Bag: A Felting Success!

I am not really the felting kind of knitter. I don't know why, really, I love the idea of it, but it's something I never really gotten into. Well, until last weekend. I worked on finishing up knitting and felting some French Press Slippers (more on those soon), and when I was done felting those I had this weird urge to felt something else. Luckily for me I had a project on the needles, stashed in the closet several months ago that was going to need felting. The 'Blue Lady Bag.'I had only knit about 3/4 of the bottom of the purse, and in just a couple hours I had the thing finished. And into the washing machine it went.
I really loved the way it turned out. Nothing looks too wonky, it came out the size I was expecting....a true felting success for me! :)
The Specs:

The Pattern: Pink Lady Bag by Shelley Boardman. Ravelry tells me it is available for $5 (but doesn't say where to get it). I got mine in the Flat Rate Box Swap a few months ago. Maybe your LYS will have it.
The Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool, about 1.5 skeins
The Needles: Us Size 15
The Time to Knit: Two days. Ok there may have been six months between those two days. :)
The Mods: None

Super excited about this bag. Can't wait to felt again!

Happy Knitting!

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