Stash Sock Club of the Month - Bellatrix!

I mentioned last week that I made my own stash sock of the month club with the yarn I have in my stash (a la yarnharlot).

Well, I am happy to report that the first pair of the year is done!
I pretty much everything about these socks. The pattern, the color, the way makes the pattern makes the colors all non-pooly and lovely.These are some quick knitting socks too. I knit them in just five days. I consider myself a quick knitter, but that sure is quick, even for me.Ah, Bellatrix, you are a good pair of socks.

The Specs:

The Pattern: Bellatrix by Monkey Toes (free Rav. download there)
The Yarn: Knitting Like Crazy, Crazy Soft Sock in the City of Blinding Lights colorway (there is still another skein of this in my shop, tempt, tempt.)
The Needles: US Size 2
The Time to Knit: 5 days
The Modifications: I knit six repeats on the leg instead of seven. I sometimes get nervous with my size 11 feet about running out of yarn. I had bunches of yarn leftover though. Probably could have done 8 repeats!

So, I guess my friends were right. I probably should make 24 kits for this year instead of 12. But, my thought is I have lots of other things I want to knit. So, I am going to go with 12 kits for now and if I start running out I will make more at a later date. Because right now I have baby knitting fever (it's my sister that is preggers...def. not me)!

Anyway, happy knitting! Coming up later this week: baby knitting WIPs and some STR Rare Gem goodness.


  1. I love these. When I saw them on your blog last week, I printed out the pattern for my Stash Sock of the Every Other Month Club. I'm not as quick as you. The yarn you used is just perfect for the pattern!

  2. I love these socks! I'm sorry you are up in the middle of the night, though. But, if it makes you feel better, I am too! (Well, I guess it is now morning)

    Love you!

  3. Very pretty socks. I have been wanting to make those. I just love hand knit socks.

  4. Love the socks! Must feel good to have whipped those out!


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