The Yarn Dyeing Mojo

Well, I know that every now and then I have said on the blog here that I have lost my yarn dyeing mojo. And I did. For a long time last year I just couldn't get it together. My full time job is less than ideal and has kind of had me in a funk for a good long while. Then with Alex and I buying a house and my sister's wedding, there just wasn't time. But, now that we are settled in the house, I have a permanent yarn dyeing space, and I have stopped stressing so much about work (although I will say it does still totally suck there, but I am slowly starting to handle it a little better), I totally have the yarn dyeing mojo back. Big time. There is yarn coming in and out of here so fast. It's awesome.

So, anyway, here are a few of the lovelies from last weekend's yarn dyeing adventures:
They are all my new Insanity Sock yarn line. It's 100% superwash merino and holy cow is it every squooshy. I have plans to be dyeing A LOT more of this soon.

So, yeah, stay tuned, I don't think the yarn dyeing mojo is going anywhere any time soon.


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