From The Queue Friday: The Japel Addition

This week's From the Queue Friday brings us to a designer I was already in love with (but now that I am taking her online "Design Your Own Shawl" class the love may be quickly becoming an obsession, but I digress) - Stefanie Japel.

I have lots of her patterns in my queue, but here are a couple that are jumping out at me this week. First up, it's Mirth:

Mirth is a loverly fitted ranglan shawl. Oh that lace! Oh that shape! What's not to love? You can Mirth from Stefanie's Ravelry store here. It's $5.

Next up is the Fern Wrap:
This one I saw as an ad in a knitting magazine some time ago. I just love everything about it. This is one I definitely could see myself knitting soon. This one is also available in Stefanie's Ravelry store for $5.
So, what's new in your queue?

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