February Socks - Froot Loop

Well, I have successfully completed by second Stash Sock of the Month kit. This time, it's Froot Loop:I love these socks. They are so bright and cheery. Just lovely stuff.
And, it's a super super easy pattern. Like, you can memorize it after about one repeat. That is my kind of knitting!
These socks will be going to a person who will not be named on the blog. And, the event in which the person will receive them will not be revealed on the blog at this time either. Ah, secrets. :)
Anyway, I highly recommend this pattern.And, I highly recommend the yarn too. It's Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock. Very squooshy stuff.
The Specs:

The Pattern: Froot Loop by Kristi Geraci (Knitty Pattern)
The Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock
The Needles: US Size 2
The Time to Knit: 15 days
The Mods: Just a minor one to the little two stitch cable. I thought it was easier to do the mock cable from my Mock Cable Rib sock pattern than the way it was in the Froot Loop pattern. I am pretty sure that means that little cable on these Froot Loop socks is reversed from what is in the actual pattern. Same effect though.

So, knit up any good sock patterns lately?

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