Kimi's Kids - The First Round

I recently mentioned on the blog that I started a new group on Ravelry called Kimi's Kids. You can read more about it in this post here.

So, here are the first couple of things I have to send off to Kimi to gift to the women in her class at the hospital where she works. First up, a couple hats sent to me from Karen (knitfever2 on Ravelry):Very very cute hats. I can't believe how fast she cranked those out. So very lovely hats from a very lovely lady. Next up, here is the hat I knit last night while watching the Olympics:
An Umbilical Cord hat. One of my absolute favorite baby hat patterns ever.

So far so good. I have lots of people knitting their hands off for this project. I always knew Ravelry was super full of super awesome people, but I never thought I would get the response I did for this project. Makes me so happy.

Keep those baby items coming! If you would like to join in the baby knitting (or crocheting!) fun, you can either join the group on Ravelry or just knit any baby item your little heart desires and then email me at jenATknittinglikecrazyDOTcom and I will give you my address so you can send it to me. I will then be giving them to Kimi to give to the women in the class that she teaches.

Happy knitting!

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