From The Queue Friday - Some Socks

I like to knit lots of things, but if I had to try to put myself into one category, I would still say that I am a sock knitter. And so it goes there are lots and lots and lots of sock patterns in my Ravelry queue. Here are just three!

First up, it's Loksins by Cassie Thoreson:

Photo from toomuchwool's Flickr Photostream.

I have seen lots of these around Ravelry and the blogosphere. Love them all. You can get the pattern as a Ravelry download for $5.00.

Next up, it's Aquaphobia Socks:
Clever name for a pattern that is supposed to prevent pooling. I think these socks look so cool. And, I think they are perfect for someone like me who loves to buy the crazy variegated yarn and then never knows what to knit with it. This pattern is available for free on knitfreak's website.

And, last but not least it's Espada:

These are super cute too. I love that stitch patter going up the side of the leg! This one is available as a Ravelry download for $6.00.
So, what's new in your queue?

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