Sunday Night Etsy Site - Polpette Clay

This week's Sunday Night Etsy Site takes me to a site that has some knitting themed goodies. And, I don't know about you, sometimes it's not just about the knitting supplies, but also the random knitting themed stuff you can find.

I mean, seriously? A knitting peapod magnet!? Yes, please!

Polpette Clay specialized in clay magnets (and Christmas ornaments too!). And, she does custom orders (I know this because a couple of years ago I purchased several knitting peapod ornaments at once). She ships things quickly and carefully and her products are amazing (and inexpensive!). What's not to love!?

Polpette Clay can be found at http://polpetteclay.etsy.com.

Note: Pictures are from Polpette Clay's Etsy site.

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