From the Queue Friday - Video Game Edition

So, my brother, Matt, is always asking that I knit him Nintendo/video game things. I did make him a Mega Man helmet, but I long to knit more things for him. Every now and then I find myself searching Ravelry for that perfect video game project. And, you know what? There are lots of good ones out there!

It's a Goomba Hat!

This one I seriously plan to make for my brother - I think he would totally love it! The Goomba Hat pattern is available for free here.

And then there is a Mario Dishcloth:

Should my 25 year old brother ever move out of my parent's house, he certainly would be getting that for his kitchen. :) The Mario Dishcloth is available as a free Ravelry download.

There are lots of good crocheted ones too! I am drawn to some of the blankets that are a bunch of granny squares soon together to make old school Mario stuff into blankets.

So, what's new in your queue?

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