Sunday Night Etsy Site - Doll Closet

Well, it's not ALWAYS about the yarn over here. I have been known to buy things on Etsy not fiber related. :)

Tonight's Etsy site is a good one: Doll Closet.
If you have a little girl in your life who loves those American Girl dolls, you have to check out this Etsy site.

I have looked at how much the American Girl doll clothes cost from the actual AG store and it is not pretty. I mean, little girls abuse these dolls with love, things get lost, etc. and that is a lot of money to spend.

That's why you need to run over to Doll Closet for the perfect gift for that AG loving girl in your life.
She makes these clothes so well, and they are very reasonably priced. And, they fit that doll perfectly!

You can find Doll Closet at http://dollcloset.etsy.com.

So, been to any good Etsy sites lately?

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