March Socks: Curling Tendril

Well, I have managed to be three for three on my Stash Sock of the Month Club I made for myself. It's been good on many levels:

1. I have been knitting the sock yarn stash.
2. This little self imposed sock club has been keeping me interested enough in yarn that I already own that I haven't really bought any sock yarn this year. Just one Zauberball because I really really wanted one for a long time and the new LYS in Arlington Heights had them.
3. I am knitting new patterns! I was starting to get into a knitting rut in a big way.

So, anyway, here are the March Socks, Curling Tendril:I love the simplicity of them, while still being just fancy enough with the winding lace on the leg. I love them!
I loved the lace pattern so much that I continued it down the heel flap. I love the mirror image of the heels!

These socks totally remind me of the Hedera-eque socks I knit almost two years ago. And those are one of my fav pairs of socks! So, it's nice to have these new babies. :)

So, what will next month bring? Who knows!? I have lots of good kits ready to go, and can't wait to see which one is randomly selected. :)

Happy knitting!

P.S. Stay tuned for Wednesday when I review the Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn that I used for these socks. You won't want to miss it.

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