Sheep to Shawl

So, the spinning kick continued and I took some roving I had purchased from FatCatKnits and turned it into this:
Which I then turned into this:
That was just a smidge over 200 yards, so I turned it into this:I am calling it my Milkweed-eque shawl. I was way way short on yardage (I knew that would happen) but I really liked the garter stitch with the eyelets. And, I really like the way the Milkweed shawl increases, so I just followed the pattern until I was getting close to running out of yarn.

Basically, I knit Chart A, B, C, B and then rows 30-35 of C, then bound off. That completely eliminated the diamond lacey bit at the edge, but I am ok with that. I am totally in love with this little shawl.
And when I was finished I may have cast on for another Milkweed, this time with a commercial yarn where I know I will have more than enough to knit the whole thing (more on that later). :)
If you love knitting shawls, especially the one skein sock yarn kind like me, you need to get this pattern. Seriously. The Rav link is here.
Happy knitting!

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