The Spinning Continues

When the urge strikes me to spin, I try not to pass it up. Every 3-4 months I get this urge to spin some yarn. I spend a week or so doing nothing but that, then I put the wheel away until next time.

So here is some more yarn from the most recent spinning weekend o' 2010. This started out as Chameleon Colorworks Optim Roving. I acquired this at Knit Purl in Portland when I was there for Sock Summit last year. It's 4oz of the most lovely merino wool. It was so silky and smooth while spinning. It's one of my favorites that I have spun up so far!
I ended up with about 186 yards of a 2 ply yarn. That seems to be where I spin lately. Right in the 'worsted or a smidge bit heavier' range. I seem to always end up with right around 180 yards (give or take 20-30 yards).

I am loving the way this one came out. As always, now the challenge is to find the perfect project.

Happy knitting (and spinning!)!

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