Some Questions Answered

So, I noticed in the last week or so I have had some questions in the comments. So I thought it probably be a good idea to actually answer them! :)

Kay wanted to know what building Alex and I were in front of in this post. It is the Tribune Building. The area around the Tribune Building is by far my favorite in Chicago. It is so beautiful.

Also in that post, Enid wanted to know where we stayed. We stayed at Hotel Palomar. It's a new hotel in the city. It's at 505 N. State I think. Very nice. And not that expensive for the location.

Susie wanted to know if I visited any yarn shops on the Chicago trip. Alas, I did not. I am on a major yarn diet as all our extra $$ goes to the wedding fund. There are some good yarn shops in the city. My fav in the city is Loopy Yarns. I also enjoy going on the tour at Lorna's Laces. :)

JC wanted to know how to wash the bibs I made her. (you can see them in this post). Jenny, they are cotton and the buttons should be just fine to be washed and dried. So, I would just wash them regularly in the washer and dryer. :) Might shrink a little, but not too bad!

And last but not least, Joansie wanted to know about the new blogger features. If you click on the design tab when in your blogger dashboard, you will see a link at the top that says "Template Designer" you can pick from a bunch of new templates there. To add pages (which is what you use to make those awesome tabs like I have at the top of my blog) in the Posting tab you go to the "edit pages" link and you can add new pages and edit the ones you already have from there.

Hope this helps! Back to your regularly scheduled knitting posts on tomorrow! :)

Happy knitting.

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