Another BSJ. Yes, I have a problem.

Ok, I think I have a problem. It's an addiction really. It's the Baby Surprise Jacket. I don't think I can stop knitting them. I think just about every baby needs one.

I knit this one. Then I knit this one. And now here's Baby Surprise Jacket the third:

I changed it up a bit with the buttons this time. Rather than knitting the buttonholes, I just added a little tab at the top and added one button:
I love the way it turned out. I think the mommy-to-be that will be getting this will just love it. Very manly for the little man she is growing in her tummy.
Also, I have to say, this third time, I am finally happy with the seaming job I did on the arms. I thought I did it good enough I even took a picture:
I pretty much suck at seaming things. But this one turned out pretty good.

I knit this BSJ (like all the BSJs I have knit) with some Socks That Rock. This skein was Lightweight and in the Monsoon colorway.

So, I think more of my friends need to get pregnant so I can knit more of these things. :)

Happy knitting.

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