And, I'm back once again! Alex and I just returned from a fabulous long weekend in Chicago. Yes, it's true Chicago is a 1 hour and 10 minute train ride from our house, but it's a great place to vacation and we didn't have to buy expensive plane tickets!

Our weekend consisted a little bit of this:And a boat ride on the Chicago River where we saw this:(That's Trump Tower and the Wrigley Building in case you were wondering).

And, it also involved a lot of walking around and enjoying the city:
We went and saw Billy Elliot (which might be my new favorite musical, and I have seen A LOT of them, so that is really saying something), and went to the Planetarium, and had lunch a couple different days with friends. Totally relaxing and totally fun.

Back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled knitting posts (finished a thing or two while on vacation!). Hope everyone had a great long weekend and is having a great week.

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