From the Queue Friday: Baby Sweaters

Well, now that I know that my niece is, in fact, a niece, I can start dreaming about knitting all those little girl baby sweaters I have been queueing up!

This one I bought the pattern and yarn for long ago, before my niece was even a glimmer in my sister and brother-in-law's eye:

Photo from Stefanie Pearl-McPhee's Flickr Page.

It's the Baby Mine Sweater. I got my pattern while at a Stitches Midwest a couple years ago. You can get your pattern for $6.50 on the Blue Moon website here.

The next one is the February Baby Sweater:

Photo from Knittyblue's Flickr Page.

I just love that pattern (I love love love my February Lady Sweater I knit awhile back!) I think my niece is definitely going to need a matching sweater! :) You can get this pattern in a variety of places, including the awesome Knitter's Almanac by EZ (um, and it's only $7.95 on Amazon and there is lots of good stuff in there, just sayin').

So, what's new in your queue?


  1. I love both of those patterns...shame my family appears to only be capable of producing baby boys!

  2. So cute. SO SO cute!

    that is all.

  3. Any mother would love to have those sweaters!

  4. Really these baby sweaters made by hands looks really good and are much good for mother .


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