Yarn Thursday - Handspun Edition

Hey, look! It's another Yarn Thursday post! I kind of like these Yarn Thursdays. Makes me want to lick my computer screen. Wait, what?

This time, why not some pics of some yarn I spun up recently. :)So, I had some Corriedale roving that I had dyed and it had been sitting in my etsy shop for a forever. I mean like months and months. Finally, I decided if no one wanted my roving, then maybe it was time I gave it a little lovin'. So into my stash it went.
Now, I pretty much know nothing about spinning, so I can't give you lots of interesting "this is how I spun it" kind of facts. I can tell you it's 2-ply of 3.5 oz of Corriedale roving. I ended up with 148 yards in the end.

I have no clue what I will knit with it. I think A LOT of people may be getting handspun yarn hats for Christmas this year. Not that that's a bad thing. :)

Happy Yarn Thursday! And Happy Knitting!

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