From the Queue Friday - New Knitty!

With the new Knitty coming out at the end of last week, lots of new things were added to my never-ending Ravelry queue. Here are my two favs from this issue. First up, it's Kink:
Photo from Jodie_mom's flickr photostream.

I don't know what it is about this little cowl thing, but I am in love. Love, love, drooly drool, love. I think it's the perfect use for some handspun, don't you? :)

The link to this pattern on Knitty is here.

And then there is Ms. Clarke:

I am in love with everything in this shawl. Even the beads, and I am not one to put beads in my knitting. But this shawl makes me want to!

The link for Ms. Clarke on Knitty is here.

So, what's your fav thing in Knitty this issue? What did you put in your queue?

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