From the Queue Friday - Citron

After going to stitches last Friday, I came home and had to add something to the Ravelry queue. It's Citron from Knitty:
Photo from the yarniad's Flickr Photostream.

I realize that everyone and their mother have already knit this. And, to be honest, for a long time, I didn't get it. I mean, I thought it was a nice little shawl, but it seemed like it would be super boring to knit.

And then I saw a couple up close. And holy sh*t are they pretty! So, now I think I need to make one.

The Citron pattern is available for free on Knitty.

So, what's new in your queue?


  1. I also wasn't sure of this pattern but it has really grown on my and I do rather want to knit it. Not sure when I'll get the time but I can really see myself wearing it! I look forward to seeing yours progress when you get started on it :)

  2. I'm thinking of starting Citron too, I have lace yarn to use but I don't have the patience to start a lace shawl, this one looks perfect, no yo's to worry about ;)

  3. This was my first laceweight project. Super simple...super easy. Mostly mindless stockinette knitting. I definitely recommend it. I'm not a shawl person, but I wear this ALL THE TIME (yes, I know it's summer). It's perfect for when the room is just a bit chilly. I wear it more as a scarfy thing than an actual shawl but I'm sure it would work over a pretty summer dress too.


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