Book Plug: How to Knit a Love Song

A couple of months ago, I was at my knitting group and one of the women there said she had just finished reading How to Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron. Intruigued, I used my fancy iPhone and with the Amazon app was able to buy it right there at Panera.
So, since I finished reading it last week I thought I would share my thoughts with my lovely blog readers. :)

Um, I loved this book. Sure, it was a little cheezy and I thought the ending was a little predictable, but overall, loved it. It is definitely one to read if you are looking for something mindless.

I would classify this book as knitrotica. :) It had lots of knitting in it, but there was definitely some dirty stuff in there too. Ok, about halfway through the book there was lots of dirty stuff. But, I don't know, I don't mind a little dirt in my book every now and then so it didn't bother me. I thought it was pretty tasteful.

If you tend to read only fine, classic literature then I don't think this book would be for you. But, if you are like me, and like to sit down with a good Nicholas Sparks book every now and then, I think you would like it.

You can get your copy of How to Knit a Love Song on Amazon for $13.99. I recommend that you do. :)

Note: I purchased this book myself. I was not approached about reviewing this book nor did I receive any compensation for this book plug. To view my full disclosure policy, you can see it here.

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