It's a Destash!

Alex and I have been working on trying to get rid of stuff in the house. I think I have been watching too much Hoarders or something. :)

So, I have faced the reality that I have yarn that I am not going to knit with, so I decided maybe it was time to destash. Here is a sampling of what I may have (I put the destash on Ravelry yesterday, so I can't guarantee that what you see here is still available...but you can check out my destash page to find out!)I have a few sweater amounts (I am realizing that I am not much of a sweater knitter) as well as some sock yarn that has been in the stash a little too long.

If you are interested in anything you see on my destash page, you can contact me through Ravelry. I have listed the prices, but if you don't like the price I put on something, make me an offer. :)

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