Stitches Midwest Recap

Another year. Another Stitches Midwest.

I was able to locate the Bellingrath Pattern by Carrie of We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem as well as the yarn to make the shawlette:I actually have spent the whole weekend knitting on it. A great pattern and that yarn is great too.

And, since I have been spinning so much lately, I got a little roving:
That is 4oz of Merino from Miss Babs. Can't wait to spin that up!

There was lots of good stuff there and all my friends got some great stuff too. After Stitches, we went to Sweet Tomatoes (armed with coupons, of course), as this is my knitting group's annual tradition.

It was a great start to my relaxing weekend of "doing nothing." My weekend consisted of knitting, watching The Office on DVD (as is the annual summer tradition around here. I like to watch all The Office episodes in order from the beginning), blocking my newest shawl design (hopefully more on that later in the week or early next week), and cooking some fabulous come cooked meals.

Hope everyone that went to Stitches had a great time! Did you get anything good?

Happy knitting. :)


  1. I'm so bummed I didn't get to see you Jen! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Bellingrath! Love the color you picked out too!

  2. Stitches was awesome! I'm glad I saw your announcement on Friday about going to it. Hate to admit I really didn't even know it was going on until you said something. I spent nearly 100% of my time at the Feeling Ewe booth spinning with the vendor and some other ladies. I did pause long enough to jump over to Dragonfly Fibers to snag a trindle and some roving from Kate though. Glad to hear you had a good time!


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