Some KLC Projects

So, every now and then I like to look on Ravelry and see what people are making with my yarn. It really does make me feel good to see people putting it to good use. And, I always love seeing how the colors come out with each project.

watermelon has been working on a Wa-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Shawl:

Photo taken by watermelon.

I custom dyed this Silky Lace yarn for her. It's the colorway Gotham City at Night. Goes nicely with the bat shawl, don't ya think? :)

Then I found Sheryll's Cable Rib socks:
Photo by Sheryll.

Those are knit with my Insanity Sock yarn in the Monkey colorway. I love the way here socks turned out!

Finaly, there are Beth's Tidal Wave Socks.

Photo taken by beth1313.

That yarn was part of my Just Yarn Sock Yarn Club from earlier this year. The colorway is Loops of Froot. Might be my fav socks I have seen knitted with my yarn!

So there you have it. Some nice projects with some nice yarn. Tempt, tempt. :)

Happy knitting!

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