WiP Wednesday

I have been a little busy for the last week or so. So, there has not been too much knitting going on. I have been spinning a teeny bit, while catching up on the 880-bazillion wedding shows I have recording on the TiVo. :)So, my latest spinning project is 4oz of Merino in the Rhubarb colorway from WhimzyPinzy:I still in the single phase. I am trying to spin thin again. I don't know if it is turning out as thin as the last yarn I made, but I am loving it so far.

If it turns out looking good, then I am thinking I will be gifting this to someone. Who? Oh, that I will not reveal on the blog. :)

Happy spinning (and knitting)!

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  1. Bahahaha I love the crazy wedding shows!! And since I tend to be at my Dad's on Sundays lately, I watch the marathons on WE then. My brother asked me last week if it was a sign that I wanted to get married soon. I can't help that some of those chicks amuse me and some of those weddings do make me drool for that someday in my future date! How's the planning going?


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