A Favorite Thing

I think a lot of you know how it goes: the longer you have been knitting, the pickier you get. :)

When I first started knitting, I used straight needles for just about everything. Now? Not so much. Even if I am knitting a scarf, it's circulars all the way. I think I knit way faster than having to maneuver those long, rigid sticks. My KnitPicks Interchangeable Needles have been a staple in my knitting for a couple years now. Those and my few fixed Addi circulars are all I use for anything that isn't a sock.

My KP Interchangeables were in desperate need of some new organization. I have ordered some extra tips and another cord or two as time has gone on. And, the original zipped pouch they came in has definitely seen better days. Recently the zipper completely broke on it. I knew it was time to find a new solution for the needles.

Enter my sweet find on Etsy:I spent a couple days looking around on Etsy trying to find the perfect interchangeable organizer. There are lots of cute ones out there, but I was kind of picky about what I was looking for:

It had to have the flap inside to keep things from sliding out.
It had to be big enough for everything to fit in there.
The closure could not be a tie (this is where it got tough....there were lots of awesome ones, but you had to tie it closed with a ribbon or something).

This one that I found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahkincheloe has everything I was looking for.

It even came with a little extra pouch for the "extras" that come with the KP Interchangeable Needles.
I have put all the stuff that is currently not in use for a project in there, and it fits great! If you are looking for a new organizer for your interchangeable needles, I highly recommend this one. I am loving it!

Get anything cute on Etsy lately?

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